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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you look at a donald trump who wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 2/10 of one percent. the man who thinks that climate change is a hoax. a man who thinks we should not raise the starvation wage minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. i think in the general election no matter who runs against him, this guy will not be a strong candidate. i know and you should know what trump is trying to do -- >> he's saying it's your voice, you as her rival helping him make the argument, it's not the research, the fact you are saying -- >> i think that's nonsense and glad to see he manages to get through to some media making that point. what is a campaign about? a campaign is supposed to be about not just political gossip it's actually supposed to be about the differentiating the
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points of view candidates have. secretary clinton and i have different points of view. on a number of issues and i have tried my hardest to run an issue oriented campaign, explaining to the american people the differences that we have. now, i may be old fashioned but that's kind of what i think democracy is supposed to be about. >> we will continue to monitor this q and a and bring you any updates. meanwhile, the republican race for a nominee is over. at least according to donald trump. riding high off of this new poll out of indiana showing a 15-point lead. trump told fox news ted cruz should just quit now. >> if you win indiana tuesday, is this race over? yes, it's over, i think it's over now. but it's over. cruz cannot win. he has no highway, he has nothing. he's way behind. i'm leading by millions of votes and 400 or 500 delegates, he
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can't win. >> he's holding back to back rallies in indiana. let's get straight to jessica schneider in fort wayne where trump holds a rally about an hour from now. friday we saw a huge protest at trump's speech in california. any pro testers there today in indiana? >> martin, the protesters here in fort wayne paling in comparison to the california contingent. outside two dozen protesers largely staying very peaceful. inside the arena here, a 13,000 seat capacity that's been steadily filling up since the doors opened at 12:30 this afternoon. local lawmakers are warming up the crowd before donald trump gets here in about an hour. now enroutd from terre haute, indiana, where he is likely riding high like you said given that 15-point lead in the latest poll over ted cruz. donald trump saying this morning the race essentially over, that you heard him say ted cruz has got nothing.
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one thing ted cruz does have, however, the endorsement of indiana governor mike pence. a tepid endorsement, mike pence as part of that endorsement praising donald trump for the strong support of hoosier jobs and donald trump saying this morning governor pence's own endorsement didn't quite seem like he was loving it. >> trump was a major punch line at the white house correspondents' dinner. i wonder, did he respond in any way to what was said last night about him? >> reporter: interestingly, it's one of the reasons why donald trump did not go to the white house correspondents' dinner, last night he is saying this morning he didn't go because he didn't want to be one of those stupid people sitting there and not being able to say anything. however, he did somewhat praise president obama saying that obama did a good job and it was comedy and it was a night job that he did.
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president obama of course, poking fun on both sides of the aisle, bipartisan comedy show. but he did wonder allowed why donald trump wasn't there given the fact there were so many cameras and journalists, all things donald trump loves, is specially the big crowds like we're seeing right now. >> jessica, thanks very much. she anticipates donald trump there. let's go back to bernie sanders, jeff, how did it go? >> reporter: i think you heard senator sanders quite clearly he intends to keep going forward here and intends to keep fighting. interestingly he's making this argument today on this sunday. several days have gone by where there's been some sort of disarray and different points of view between some advicers to senator sanders, how much he wanted to stay in this race. clearly we've gotten -- we've heard he is going to stay in but he said so himself that the road
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is very tough here and the math is just so difficult. he's going to keep making his case out there and handed out some charts that made point that the superdelegates in the states that he won should be supporting him. bumt the reality sheer, even if they did, the math just simply does not exist for him to overtake hillary clinton in the fight for delegates. that's what he's up against. he -- i asked him if his words contributed to what donald trump is saying here. i'm going to use sanders argument in my campaign and said essentially that republicans can fund their own opposition research campaign, that his words will not end it and most importantly ended it with saying he wants to everything he can to make sure that donald trump is not the republican nominee. that's probably what democratic leaders want to hear.
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that means he is not going to go nuclear here and keep fighting once this primary calendar is over. california, new jersey vote on june 7th. more than a month to go. bernie sanders making the case even though it's a tough road. he's still going to try to climb that road. he'll be in indiana tonight and campaigning in indiana tomorrow again martin. >> all the way to california. jeff, thanks very much for that update. >> up next, more from last night's correspondents dinner. the president didn't hold anything back. >> ted had a tough week. he went to indiana. hoosier country. stood on a basketball court and called the hoop a basketball ring. but sure, i'm the foreign one? ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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sergeant bowe bergdahl, remember him? he was charged with desert gs and miss behavior for walking away from the post in afghanistan in 2009. bergdahl was captured by taliban and held for nearly five years until a prisoner swap. now his trial which had been delayed since february in a dispute over classified material can go ahead according to the u.s. army court of criminal appeals. the defense has won access to hundreds and thousands of pages of xlas fied information it needs for bergdahl's defense. the lead attorney is joining us now via skype. let me ask you sir, how important is the release of this information? i understand there's still an appeal that could block it once more. should you get it? how important are these documents to you? >> it's hard to tell because we haven't seen the best bulk of these documents, we've been told
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there's 300,000 pages of classified documents but the government hasn't indicated to us how they selected these 300,000 pages. we understand that the government's view is that they are material and relevant. but at the moment it's kind of a needle in a haystack, we don't have a road map to tell us what this is all about except that the government says there's a great deal of it. certainly hundreds and thousands of pages there. there mugt be -- this covers the entire period which he was held and does it describe the circumstances of how he was held or efforts to try to reclaim it? xp. >> number one, it's classified -- >> i imagine you wouldn't go after it if you didn't have an inclination of something? >> what i can tell you is what we understand, these are materials that relate am some way to the entire period that the government has said is of concern under the second charge,
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which is the misbehavior before the enemy charge. i will say that much if not all of this could have been avoided if the government had not decided to add that second charge and go with december ers charge. >> it carries life in prison, right. >> yes, that's what it carries. >> let me ask you some. why do you think the prosecution did not want you to have all of these documents? >> well, there's no question that the government has an interest in preserving the sanctity of documents that are properly classified, sometimes the government as we know classifies things that don't deserve to be classified. but the notion that the government would want to be careful about preserving the country secrets is -- that's hardly a surprise in this day in age. we know it's on the administration's mind, that's perfectly right. we don't have any heart burn over it.
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the question is, whether the approach the government took could how these documents are supposed to be protecting was called for and three judges on the u.s. army court of criminal appeals, three respected colonels, rejected the government's position as unwarranted. >> as we go forward now and when this court-martial takes place, do you have a sense what the opening argument will be to the military court? >> not yet but it's perfectly clear i think, what the general tener of the battlespace is. this is a case involving a person who is held against his will for nearly five years by ruthless blood thirsty adversaries in a rough part of the world. and you know, there's no way of getting around that as a major
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issue in the case. >> he did leave his post though, that is without any doubt. >> well, we never addressed the merits of the case outside of the courtroom. so i'll have to back off of that if you don't mind. the general outlines are pretty well known by now. there is going to be a substantial question of whether this exten situation of mitigation related in large part to the fact he was held as captive for five years and by the way, he's already lost nearly two more years waiting for this case to come to trial. >> when do you think he'll see these documents? >> beat's me. >> thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, history in the making, after 50 years, the first u.s. cruiseship headed directly to havana. we'll have a live report from outside the ship straight ahead. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine.
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history being made in miami, a u.s. cruiseship with american tourists on board is about to leave for cuba and they are traveling in style. on a carnival cruise ship. the cruise line ceo calls it an historic honor. >> to be a part of truly making history and preparing for an even more positive future for
12:19 pm
everyone is one of the greatest honors any company can have. so to be a part of being the first people to be able to sale from the u.s. to cuba and back, including those who were born in cuba is a tremendous privilege and honor. >> well, a lot of us fought hard to cover the story but dockside as the ship is ready to hoist anchor. imagine there is a lot of excitement there, boris, is it a cruise? it's more like a ferry ride. what's the anticipation like? that's right, we're in a lot of anticipation and a lexcitement, band playing on a boat and all kinds of cuban themed activities planned and this is a voyage that didn't happen. part of the rb why, cube ban has a cold war era law that says no cuban is allowed to enter the
12:20 pm
country via ship. that bans any cubans from buying tickets aboard the cruise and reception to that news was not welcome here in miami among the cuban-american community. there were protests outside much carnival headquarters and class action lawsuit filed against the company until they relenlted and said they would delay any trip to cuba until the cuban government changed the law. less than a week later they announced they were changing the law. we're here with excitement in the air but also a lot of tension as well. about 10 to 12 pro testers were gathered arguing against this voyage. there was a boat a short while ago draped in cuban flags with anti-castro signs. the name of the boat of course democracy and it was circling around here. i did speak to a lot of passengers who told me they did not want politics to interfere in this historic occasion. >> my grandmother went way back in the day before it was ever
12:21 pm
closed and so just being able to go there and meet the people and see the people, it will be meaningful to us. >> all 600 cabins aboard are packed. to give you an idea, one of these ocean view rooms is 2500 bucks. there's a lot of interest in going to cuba. this could be a gauge for relations between the two countries moving forward. if there's smooth sailing ahead here it could mean we'll see more cooperation and interaction between american companies and cuban government. >> how long does that cruise take? >> reporter: it's a 7-day cruise and stopping in three cities. the stop in havana is tomorrow afternoon. they are reelgly going to be drifting in the ocean for quite a few hours which should be a relatively short trip. they'll take their time and enjoy it. >> enjoy it, i hope they do, hope it's first of many for all. thanks very much. up next, more from last night's
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12:26 pm
place? >> the heart of our economy is not washington, d.c., the heart of our economy is small businesses across the united states of america. and if you want to unleash economic growth, you've got to take the boot of the federal government off the back of the necks of small businesses. ronald reagan understood and before him john f. kennedy understood that when you cut taxes and lift regulations on small businesses, the result is millions and millions of new high paying jobs. i intend to follow the path
12:27 pm
blazed by ronald reagan and jfk. [ applause ] >> if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. [ cheers and applause ] >> and you're listening to text senator ted cruz campaigning there in lafayette in indiana, a state that's very crucial to him. republican front-runner donald trump is also campaigning there today. these are live pictures of his second rally of the day that is about to get started in fort wayne. earlier today he was in terre haute. let's go to cnn's jeremy diamond who is there and jeremy, let me ask you this, how critical is an indiana victory for donald trump. it's key for ted cruz, but what about for donald trump? how important is a victory
12:28 pm
there? >> reporter: well, donald trump today raising the stakes for a victory in indiana. he was talking today about how we have to win indiana and saying if we win indiana it's over. that was a quote from donald trump speaking earlier today in terre haute. donald trump certainly suggesting if he can win in indiana, he can unify the party. we've seen his path to the nomination become increasingly clear and win in indiana could increasingly solidify that path. done altd trump saying those words as a new poll from nbc wall street journal is showing donald trump 15 points up in the state of indiana. that's his biggest lead yet in the state and hoping for that victory on tuesday. he's suggesting while a win for him would be a great thing, it's certainly critical for ted cruz suggesting if he wins in indiana that ted cruz and john kasich, two remaining rivals in the republican primary should drop out. >> i'm wondering as you listen to the campaign speeches today and whether his rhetoric seems
12:29 pm
to be changing, in other words that he's focusing more on hillary clinton, a rival or the rivals currently? >> reporter: it was interesting, he was playing a bit of a double game. on one hand saying i need to win in indiana and need the republican nomination to focus on hillary clinton and on the other hand he's hitting hillary clinton at the same time, he's already doing it. today talking about how crooked she is, that's the new mondayicer he made up for her, crooked hillary and she should run the government in iraq. those were the words for donald trump today. he definitely has not let up on attacking rivals, mocking them saying they are hanging on by fingertips both kasich and ted cruz are mathematically eliminated from clinching the republican nomination on the first ballot. they are now pining their hopes on keeping donald trump from reaching the threshold so they can win on the second or third ballot when the delegates become unbound.
12:30 pm
>> right, in cleveland, we'll see. jeremy diamond, thanks vex for joining us today. >> i want to bring in now cnn republican strategist brian morganstern and co-author of the party is over, ellis hennegan. if trump wins indiana and declares it's all over, is it really right? let me start by asking you that, ryan? >> no, although it's a good campaign strategy to get that sort -- >> absolutely. >> try to get the coverage leaning in that direction so he can kind of steam roll opponents to the side and get the rest of the way there. so i won't doueny that it woulde very helpful in that regard. in terms of the actual math, it's a bit premature. there are a whole lot of states left, including california which
12:31 pm
have 50 congressional district mini primaries essentially. there's a heck of a lot more to go in this but of course trump is doing what trump should do strategically, which is play this off as whether i win indiana this baby is over and try to get that momentum to carry him over the top. >> that is the way you would expect he would play it. ellis, it's said that trump wanted the endorsement of the governor of indiana. and he didn't get it. it went to ted cruz. however, he did get the endorsement from former indiana basketball coach bobby knight. who do you think is the more powerful endorsement to have. >> bobby knight throws a chair a whole lot better. he's so trump, isn't he? i mean, mike pence is nice but in fact that endorsement of cruz was lackluster, is that a good word for it? donald is romping, it is pretty much over. maybe lightning will strike but donald is going to be the nominee. >> let's look forward thoen, ted
12:32 pm
cruz was on "face the nation" and talking about a contested convention there in cleveland. >> but if in cleveland your scenario were to go forward the person who has millions more votes, that won't change, he'll go to the convention with millions more human being votes, real people, regular folks supporting him and you are hoping to yoefrl throw that with more delegates. in a situation where delegates over people, won't that lead to riots? >> no, it won't. although donald may do everything he can to encourage riots. >> i wish all sides would stay away from that. what about this? this comes up repeatedly. cleveland is going to be the site of great unrest and rioting. but are there real concerns about unrest with this convention? should they be legitimately taken? >> it will be a wild scene. we're a country that has a lot
12:33 pm
of verbal co-could have anyin it. there's a big police force there and life will go on. >> what about inside the convention arena. >> that too. >> well, you know, i think there's going to be -- you're going to have passion on both sides from within the party, the people who don't want trump to be the nominee and also protesters from outside the party. i think in terms of the intraparty strive, if he gets to 1237 on the first ballot a lot of people will not go. that will minimize the inside the convention center problems unless the outside protesters are somehow credentialed and able to get in. that could be a security issue. >> let me look at the delegate count so far. trump has raked in more than a thousand delegates in his pursuit of the magic number. are we at that point where the gop establishment is starting to accept donald trump will be the party's nominee? >> yes, i mean that's what all of the long faces are about.
12:34 pm
you'll even notice it among some of those never trump people even some of the aides to cruz i think kind of exyou'ding the notion that they recognize, the slump shoulders, they recognize it's pretty much done. >> the body language says it all right there. >> brian morganstern and ellis, thanks for talking to me. >> thanks, martin. >> we have this reminder, don't forget, don't miss tomorrow's cnn special, we got him. that's our peter bergen, spoken exclusively with the president on hunt for osama bin laden. listen. >> after the discussions with the principals it was clear to me that this was going to be our best chance to get bin laden, that if in fact we did not take the action, that he might slip away. >> decisions like this are why voting for president is so
12:35 pm
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>> it's been a very good week for us, we're seeing republicans continue to unite behind our campaign. obviously governor pence is well respected and having his support is very, very meaningful as voters head into election day on tuesday. here in california, having governor pete wilson's support is a big, big deal. he's someone who earned a lot of respect this this tase and it's meaningful. california is likely to decide this entire battle and earlier this week, announcing my vice presidential nominee of carly fiorina, the energy and excitement we've seen from that has been incredible. and our focus really, we've got to unite the party if we're divided we lose. so we're working to bring the party together and i think this week was a big manifestation of that. >> senator, as you know there are those who look at you bringing on carly fiorina as your running mate and say this is a desperation move.
12:40 pm
that was certainly the attack of donald trul p and nobody was surprised. he has four responses to any outside stimulus, either yells or screams or curses or insults, it's no surprise he went with insult there. the reality is simple. this is an unusual election but important to give the voters a clear contrast, a clear choice and i think you could not have a clearer choice between carly and me on one hand and donald trump and hillary clinton on the other. hillary and donald are flip sides of the same coin. they agree with each other on issue after issue after issue. they are both big government new york liberals and both washington insider. hillary has made millions selling power and influence in washington and trump has made billions buying politicians like hillary clinton. i think people are fed up with the bipartisan corruption of washington that donald trump and hillary clinton embody and they want instead a positive forward
12:41 pm
looking optimistic campaign and the similarities between donald trump and hillary clinton, you know they were highlighted this week when john boehner as you know took a shot at me. >> he called you lucifer in the flesh. >> well, you know, i think boehner let out his inner trump and colorful imagery there. but it's interesting when banler was attacking me, he praised hillary clinton, thinks she's terrific and praised donald trump. said donald trump is his friend and gulfing and texting buddy. there's a reason if you like -- if you want to see the next president as john boehner republican, then donald trump is your man. >> speaking of donald trump, don't miss him tomorrow morning on cnn. he joins new day at 7:00 eastern time. that's one day ahead of that all important indiana primary. we'll be right back. you know when i first started out, it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand
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president obama is getting rave reviews -- not everybody loved him but a lot of people did for his performance at the final white house correspondents' dinner, so-called nerd prom, washington's yearly meeting of the political insiders and the press. and of course the president and president for him it was his last chance to take a few shots at the media. take a listen. >> i don't want to spend too much time on the donald.
12:46 pm
following your lead, i want to show some restraint because i think we can all agree from the start he's gotten the appropriate amount of coverage, befitting the seriousness of his candidacy. i hope you all are proud of yourselves. i would be remiss, let's give it up for our host larry wilmore. [ applause ] >> also known as one of the two black guys who's not jon stewart. you're the south african guy, right? i also would like to acknowledge some of the award winning reporters that we have with us here tonight. rachel mcadams, mark ruffalo, maria shriver. thanks for everything that
12:47 pm
you've done. i'm just joking, spotlight is a film, a movie about investigative journalists with the resources and the autonomy to chase down the truth and hold the powerful accountable. best fantasy film since "star war wars". >> i understand the news business is tough, it keeps changing all the time. every year at this dinner somebody makes a joke about buzz feed changing the media landscape and every year the "washington post" laughs a little bit less hard. key staff are starting to leave and reporters, savannah guthrie has left the white house press corps to host the tonight show and nora o'donnell left to host cbs this morning. jake tapper left journalism to
12:48 pm
join cnn. >> i'm joined by historian and princeton professor julian zell egger and alexandra petry. high expectations after his previous shows, how would you say he did? it was the last one. >> very good. he took good shots at republicans and took some shots as we just saw at the press, which is something i think matters for him so the jokes were laced with a little anger as well. i thought he was very effective. >> alexandra, president obama took a few shots not just at the media but also your newspaper in particular. how did they go over with the reporters at the "washington post" at the table? you were looking at these reporters and see people laughing but wonder, do they
12:49 pm
really think that's fun sunny. >> i was not at the table but i believe the post knows how to laugh at journalism as sort of the dying relative rolled out at the dinner table. the newspapers gets skinnier and skinnier every morning. but we're part of the whole buzz feed innovating things and in journalism of the future. but i think president obama should host again next year. he was terrific. >> i do find his sense of timing and his ability to deliver a line is not just they are written for him, his delivery is phenomenal. julian, this has become a marquis event with the public paying a lot more attention to it. how has this dinner evolved over the years? originally it was supposed to be the press and president hang out and have a few drinks. >> first it was the press and president and all male event and that changes in the 1960s but since the 1980s it's been a little bit grammy and oscar more than politics. you have the mix of celebrities
12:50 pm
there, including celebrities who play reporters and press and president. this is all covered. he think it's become a high profile event. s certainly not informal. that's why the jabs he took on republicans like trump, even a little on hillary clinton and on the so this is an event now that matters. >> it does. i enjoy it because i get o to see a different side of the president of the united states i don't normally get to e see. the other person up there was the comedian larry wilmore. it's a tough act to follow the president of the united states. he did not get a very good reception. >> the poor room was full of groaners. back in 2011 when seth myers was grilling donald trump, that was the genesis for trump 2016. he was getting more indignant as
12:51 pm
these jokes are made at his expense. who is sitting in the audience shaking their fist at the heavens. is don llemon going to. >> that place was packed. who all is there? >> the press right now, which we talk as the singular thing is quite vast from the internet to cable to the newspaper. so just packing all the white house correspondents from the various outlets there or takes up a lot of room. you have guests but now you have celebrities. so you have people from television shows that play politicians like the president on "scandal." and so again, as this becomes an elevated event, more people are coming into this beyond the white house correspondents. >> i think president obama
12:52 pm
should become the annual host. thank you very much. >> thank you. good to see you. donald trump's expected to hold a rally in indiana. that will be at the top of the hour. we're there and we'll take you there live so stay here. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream.
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donald trump launched his presidential campaign near ly ua year ago with an anti-immigration that inspired a wave of protest that continues to this very day. . husband campaign also gave rise to something unexpected. latino activists supporting trump. >> donald trump has a complicated relationship with latinos. no doubt about that. he's angered immigrants rights groups, but at the same time he's done something that is somewhat surprising. he's inspired some to speak up and speak out. things they had been thinking for years. >> it felt like i was crossing the border. >> reporter: you heard it before. the controversial comment on immigration by republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists. and some i assume are good
12:57 pm
people. >> reporter: it's remarks about mexico that's inspired a new wave of activist both for and against the candidate. a trump event in wisconsin in march we meet miguel, an adamant trump supporter. >> what do you say to those say i can't believe he's going to support trump? >> he says he immigrated from mexico to the u.s. the right way. legally. now a u.s. citizen, he says trump has empowered him, emboldened him to speak up and speak out against illegal imu grags. >> you have to come in the right way. >> those people they forgot
12:58 pm
where they come from from. >> with donald trump surging in the polls, they say it's a battle of survival while their four children were born in the u.s., parents jose and maria entered the country illegally under a a trump presidency they fear their family will be broken up. >> because of trump, the family and many others like them have stepped up their activism for undocumented immigrants. in an act of symbolism and pride at rallies they wave both the mexican and american flags. >> i think everyone wants to be proud of where they came from but also want to be a part of the united states. >> we are united. >> should trump become the next president, he will likely do so with the help of latino, something miguel says won't be a problem. >> he's the only one that can open the door and take the bad stuff from the white house.
12:59 pm
>> this family couldn't agree more. >> my children make america great. >> very poignant message saying his children mauk america great again. it's a defining issue in the presidential cycle. there's 11 million undocumented imgranlts in this country. la ttinos make up more than hal of those. at 17% of the u.s. population, latinos are present in every state. they are the largest minority. they have the capacity to reshape the system and using their voices to be more vocal for and against donald trump. >> just real quick. we talk about immigration, but they are more than just one issue that affects them. >> right now it's economics. those that are supporting donald trump. they want jobs and they think a businessman will be the best for
1:00 pm
the country. it's also health care and education. high rates of latino drop out rates in high school. they want a president, anybody, who can help change that. >> thank you very much. good to see you. the next hour of cnn newsroom starts right now. . thank yous for joining me. i'm martin savidge. ? just two days republicans could have a nominee on their hands. ted cr ted cruz said it will determine the outcome of this race. you're looking at pictures of trump's second rally in indiana. this one is in fort wayne. he's been touting these new poll numbers all morning. this is the poll right here. nbc news, "wall street journal" shows trump up with a 15-point lead in the state of indiana. so let's get to jessica snider in


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